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Darren Song


Darren Song, CEO

He built a successful e-commerce enterprise offering natural, organic products. Performed market research and competitive analysis. Led product development and sourcing process. Rapidly developed expertise in digital marketing and website development, managing online presence, inbound/outbound marketing and Amazon marketing and several different managements to maximize revenue and profitability. He purchased Wholesome Direct in July 2019 and increased more than 600% sales revenue. He earns B.S of Finance degree at the University of Arizona and B.A degree of Philosophy at HanKook University of Foreign Studies.

Sean Oh (PhD. candidate), CIO

Chief information officer (CTO) leads Wholesome Direct Inc’s long-term E-Commerce programs, an ongoing series of innovation initiatives that explore emerging technologies, assess their application to the company’s business and recommend new strategies and solutions. He is also responsible for the company’s industry standards engagements. He received a doctoral candidate and master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Arizona and B.S in computer engineering from Aju University, where his research focused on innovative computer program.

Sean Oh (Ph.D Candidate)


Eugene Paterson(Ph.D)

E-Commerce Executive Director

Woo Yun, eCommerce Executive Director

Eugene serves as E-Commerce Executive Director for Wholesome Direct as an award-winning, 20-year technology veteran with expertise in Data Mining, Big data, Business Analytics, Public Health Policy, Healthcare Service, Information and Communications Technology, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Production and Operations Management. Eugene also is a academically recognized technology expert having appeared on several thesis along with being quoted extensively in publications. Earlier and currently in his career, he served as Adjunction and Assistant professor in several Universities. He graduated from George Madison University with a PhD and M.S in Computational Sciences and Informatics and studied Management Information System at the undergraduate level at the University of Arizona.

Pinar Al Lacroix(MS), Digital and Product Design Advisor

She approaches each project from a design and marketing perspective with a defined strategy and share her knowledge to work with cross-functional partners, engineers and manufacturers to launch best in class designs within budget, while creating specs, sourcing and managing P&L when needed to meet the necessary lauch timelines. She is a forward thinking, innovative hands-on conceptual creative leader who enjoys mentoring, as well as a fellow designer, proficient in all graphic design related softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign with experiences on photo-shoots.

She worked as a full time employee and as a consultant at leading cosmetics and beauty companies such as L’Oreal, Avon, Bath& Body Works and CPG company like Colgate Palmolive, Qunol and Zena (Quten Research Institute), as well as start-ups. She has motivating coaching management skills, which I gained during my teaching experience at Pratt Institute, shortly after earning her masters. Her project management skills and development knowledge ensure the specifications are met from inception to production within the necessary timelines.

Pinar Al Lacroix (MS)

Digital and Product Design Advisor

She is currently working on projects that are combining beauty, nutrition and wellness, which aligns with the idea of beauty from within and bringing branding cues from the beauty world. She is proudly supporting the board of CIBS (Cosmetics Industry Buyers and Suppliers) in NYC, as the Co-Chair of Design and she is an active member of NJPEC (New Jersey Packaging Executives). She also loves traveling for work, as traveling is a driving source of inspiration while working on global projects. With a Masters degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in NYC focusing on Branding and Package Design and a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and textiles, She has 12 years of experience as a conceptual graphic and package designer, with expertise in global branding including experiences in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, home textiles, food, spirit and pharmaceutical industries. She designed, dev

Ben Bartholomew

UX UI Design and Web Development Advisor

Ben Bartholomew, UX UI Design and Web Development Advisor

He recently received the Interpublic Group Organic Growth Award for winning business without pitching by doing outstanding work. He managed the creative development of the first responsive website in the healthcare space and went on to produce eight more and developed cutting-edge applications such as the first Oculus Rift virtual experience that utilized Leap Motion in the healthcare space. He even Invented a 3D-printed Augmented Reality headset with a see-through screen for conventions.

He is also able to managed the digital creative development of 2infuse, Cigna, Edoxaban, Entresto, Flumist, FlumistQuad, Forxiga, Linzess, Nuvigil, Ofev, Promacta, Remicade, Savaysa, Spiriva, Stelara, Synagis, Xigduo, Yervoy, Zorvolex, BI, BMS, Daiichi Sankyo, Iroko, MedImmune, and Teva. He is known as the main go-to person (“unicorn”) for all things innovative and fun–that says a lot about the level of quality of his ideas. He is able to both effectively design and develop projects, even though his title only reflects the creative expertise. 

He has been working on a variety of complex digital projects–animated iDetails (tablet presentations in Veeva), motion-sensing walls, interactive videos, websites, just to name a few. He’s the best data source file. He is a gifted art director with a broad range of experience. He is equally adept at developing powerful creative ideas for TV, Print and On-line, including applications that range from website design to banner ads. He graduated from School of Visual Art with B.A in Advertising.

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